Use of Raspberry (3 or 0) + Movidius stick


I have already deployed some models from the movidius ncappzoo for face and pet/humans detection running on a Raspberry (3 and 0)  connected to the stick from Movidius (v1) to increase the performance.

I would like to try your models, but can they support and use the Movidius stick?



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  • Hi Vincent, thanks for your question! Since Xnor tackles the problem of Edge AI via a software approach and we are able to get the same level of performance on low-cost hardware, we do not currently support accelerators like Movidius via AI2GO. We do however do some super high performance work on accelerators via our Enterprise Sales. If you need that level of performance then just shoot us a note at

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    • Sophie Lebrecht Thanks for you answer, got it. Just for my understanding : from a performance point of view, would nevertheless an association Movidius + AI2GO make sense? or is it expected that the 2 technologies are not working well together? The Edge AI could come much faster if both HW + SW solutions are paired together  :o) 

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    • Vincent Velkr Yes you're right, pairing the 2 would work well together and could make the AI solution much faster! 

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