Webber: WebRTC with real time target detection

Webber is a port of WebRTC to the rpi3 with XNOR spliced into the video capture module.  This allows a Raspberry Pi 3b+ to be a WebRTC peer to a WebRTC webpage.  This lets the rpi3 securely serve up real time video to an HTML5 Video element with targets identified with colored boxes.  I am using the person-pet-vehicle detector for target detection.

I was surprised to see that a usable demo could be created without replacing the WebRTC software encoders with a hardware acceleration.  However, the release build is usable (~15fps) with a somewhat high load (~75%).  Of course, this could be improved if I replaced the encoder.

This demo has a lot of moving parts.  I have attempted to document it here.  Contact me if you need assistance.

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