Make python wheels different names

I just going through the python samples to get an understanding of SDK(xnor-eval-sdk-v0.3) and it's a real pain to have to uninstall a model and real install a new model between scripts.

I think it is because all python wheels all have the same name. It would be nice to be able just to install one wheel with all the models.

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  • I agree that this isn't the best user experience.... I'll file an issue for tracking alternatives. Thanks!

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  • So we discussed this and determined that the problem with giving them different names is that pip will let you install them side by side and then its unclear when you import xnornet which one you get...

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  • With the recently released version 1.0 SDK, we made the current model a little clearer in output. For example:

    Xnor Live Scene Classification Demo
    Model: exterior-object-classifier-large-200
      version '07cfdefe846ec13b07664fe7a5af5b4742d1c290 (2018-12-07 15:39:56.342284)\n\'

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